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BSN Medical Cutimet Siltec Sacrum

BSN Medical Cutimed Siltec Sacrum

The self-adherent foam dressing to reliably fit the sacral area.

In order to ensure reliable exudate management when treating sacral ulcers, BSN medical has developed CutimedSiltec Sacrum. This bordered foam dressing is particularly shaped to fit the awkward sacral area, offering an extra-thick wound pad for a high absorption capacity, plus providing additional cushioning.


  • 5 mm wound pad (with super- absorbers) for moderate to high exudate levels and cushioning effect
  • wide, all-round adhering border
  • silicone wound contact layer for pain free and atraumatic removal
  • particularly shaped to fit the sacral region
  • shape allows for secure adherence with reduced friction and shear when immobile patient is re-postioned
  • available in 2 sizes

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