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Bodichek Digital Thermometer Water Proof Rigid Tip

Bodichek Digital Thermometer Water Proof Rigid Tip

Looking for a digital thermometer that is easy to read and gives fast accurate results? Try The Bodicheck Digital Thermometer. Includes 10 free probe covers.

  • Accurate
  • Memory: The last temperature is recorded and can be recalled for later reference if needed
  • Easy to read display: Large, clear, easy to read digital display
  • Fast response - Read temperature with 20-25 seconds
  • celsius scale - Measurement range: 32 to 42 degrees celcius
  • Safe: No glass breakages/No mercury
  • Auto power off: Automatically turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity to prolong battery life
  • Beeper signal: The beeper signal sounds for approximate lt 10 seconds letting you know that thermometer can be removed for reading.
  • Long life battery: A long life battery is included and can be easily replaced when necessary
Instructions leaflet:An easy to follow instruction leaflet on how to use and care for your thermometer is enclosed

Warranty:This digital thermometer carries a warranty for 12 months from the date of purchase against manufactures defect under normal use