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Bionix Igloo Wound Irrigation Systems

Bionix Igloo Wound Irrigation Systems

The Igloo Wound Irrigation System was developed to effectively remove bacteria and necrotic tissue with continuous, high volume irrigation. This promotes cleansing and healing while virtually eliminating backsplash with its unique shield.

Proper wound irrigation in an important step in wound care and is rapidly becoming a routine clinical procedure. Wound irrigation has previously been recognised to promote healing, but in the past there was a risk to health care workers that spray and back splash could cause cross contamination of blood-borne pathogens. Igloo’s unique shield design provides the ultimate protection from back splash and cross contamination.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Optimal Cleansing – Spray head quickly delivers continuous, high volume irrigation between 4-15 psi without having to refill a syringe.
  • Convenience – Easily attaches to standard saline bottles
  • Immediate Effect - The contact points on the underside create an immediate distracting effect.
  • Safety – Dual exit portals neatly and safely direct effluent removal away from the wound without backsplash
  • Sterile – Each unit is sterile and individually wrapped in an easy to open pouch complete with directions for use.

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