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Biolight P600 Vet Infusion Pump

Biolight P600 Vet Veterinary Infusion Pump

  • Double infusion mode: volumetric and drop rate.
  • Anti-bolus.
  • Automatically switch to KVO function after infusion completion.
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery 5 hours at 30ml.
  • A memory of the last operation setting parameters.
  • Extensive flow rate range, from 0.1ml/h to 1500ml/h, 0.1ml increments.
  • 9 kinds of audible and visual alarms ensure safety.
  • Automatically switch among drop/min, time-based and ml/h.
  • Change flow rate without stopping the pump.
  • Key locker.
  • Abnormal infusion flow rate audial prompt function guarantee error-free operation.

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