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Biolight M880 Vet EtCO2 + SPO2 Handheld Veterinary Monitor

Mobile Veterinary Monitor Biolight M880 Vet EtCO2 + SPO2 Handheld Monitor Capnography

Built-in BLT SpO2 module & spo2 sensor

Ultra-clear, ultra-lightweight touchscreen Capnograph & Pulse Oximetry monitor. The perfect addition to any practice!

Boasting a large 4.3, high resolution, auto-rotation touchscreen, and a large capacity lithium battery. The M880VET is designed for continuous monitoring or spot-checking of CO2 and SPO2 signals in patients.

  • Extremely light, for carrying and handling. Only 0.5KG with full configuration, including battery. 
  • 4.3 inch TFT high resolution with touch screen & auto-rotation for user ease of use with any orientation.
  • Display resolution: 480 x 272 pixels
  • Protection against ingress of liquid (IPX2 Waterproof). 
  • Specially designed water filter, ensuring humid environments don't affect readings. 
  • Configurable for flux for horse, dog and cat. 
  • Large-capacity lithium battery for up to 18 hours of use.
  • Battery charging time: 3-4 hours
  • CO2 start/off button to save power.
  • Selectable layout modes including font and waveforms.
  • Visual and audio alarm for exceeding limits and Apnea; pitch tone.

Ideally suited for

  • animal outpatient anesthesia
  • to check for correct intubation – CO2 is the only safe intubation sign
  • veterinarian’s office, vet clinics, animal hospitals and field veterinary use
  • Emergency animal care 

Data storage

  • Animal ID: 1~96
  • SpO2 trend interval:10s30s1min2min5min10min
  • Capacity: 500 groups/animals can be stored


  • Biolight M880VET Device
  • USB charging cable
  • Power pin (IEC)
  • CO2 Filter x 6
  • CO2 sampling tube
  • CO2 with 3-way joint
  • User manual EN

Benefits to other products

  • Small and compact
  • a convenient option for a CO2 measurement/capnography