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Biolight Finger Pulse Oximeter SP02 Monitor

Biolight Finger Pulse Oximeter SP02 Monitor

Please note: This item may vary in colour from the picture depending on stock. The colour is selected at random and may be blue or yellow. 

M70c Pulse Oximeter, complete with 6 display modes, displaying SPo2, PR, Waveform and Pulse bar.

It’s automatic power off feature, and low battery indicator, and alarm makes this Pulse Ox is ideal for day to day usage in the GP surgery!


• OLED display of Sp02, PR, Waveform and Pulse Bar
• 6 display modes and Brightness control
• Automatic power off
• Visible alarm and low battery indication alarm
• 2 AAA alkaline batteries
• Sp02: 0 – 100% measuring range, resolution: + 1%
• PR: 25 – 250bpm measuring range, resolution + 1bpm
• Accuracy: Sp02: + 2% ; PR + 1bpm