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Bastion Nitrile Gloves

Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are fast becoming the preferred alternative to Latex and Vinyl disposable gloves and with good reason too! For one thing, they’re significantly more puncture resistant (three to five times more, in fact), they offer greater chemical resistance and are perfectly acceptable for anyone with a latex allergy or sensitive skin condition to use.

In addition to that, nitrile effortlessly conforms to the shape of the wearers hand which provides a much more comfortable fit. Naturally this makes wearing disposable nitrile gloves the smart choice for those who are required to wear them regularly.

The snug fit from nitrile gloves also promotes improved dexterity which can otherwise be hindered by lower-quality gloves such as Vinyl. – This is something that can prove irritating for individuals who rely on being able to move their hands freely such as surgeons, tattoo artists and chemists.

Bastion Pacific offers a comprehensive range of nitrile disposable gloves which are applicable to a broad host of industries. We have several varieties from long cuff, diamond grip and a huge range of different colours, thicknesses and sizes.

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