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Understanding High Cholesterol Paper None Paper

Understanding High Cholesterol Paper, None, Paper

Anatomical Chart Company CARDIOLOGY Chart

Understanding High Cholesterol is an easy-to-understand overview of high cholesterol and its impact on the body's health.The chart illustrates and defines high cholesterol, discusses the sources of cholesterol from food and within the body, describes the different types of lipoproteins and cholesterol. , Compares healthy and unhealthy cholesterol levels. Defines risk factors and causes of high cholesterol . Prevention and management techniques are also provided.Made in USA20" x 26" heavy weight paper Available in the following versions:20" x 26" heavy weight paper laminated with grommets at top corners ISBN 978-1-4511-9324-420" x 26" heavy weight paper ISBN 978-1-4511-9325-1

Dimentions - 20 x 26