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Accutrend® BM-Lactate Test Strips

Accutrend BM-Lactate Test Strips

The Lactate test strip is made up of four layers as follow

  • The top layer - a yellow mesh to which blood is applied
  • The second layer - composed of a glass fibre layer which separates the erythrocytes (red blood cells)
  • The third layer - this is where the chemical reactions take place - the lactate in the blood plasma reacts with chemicals in this layer
  • The base layer is a support layer that is the length of the strip

The Lactate Determination Process:

A drop of fresh capillary blood is placed on the top yellow mesh layer of the test strip. This passes through to the second layer where the red blood cells are separated with the blood plasma passing through to the third layer. Within this layer a chemical reaction occurs in the detector film resulting in a colour change which is observed by the reflectance photmeter. This reaction takes approximately 60 seconds.