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3M Ethylene Oxide Monitor

3M Ethylene OxideMonitor

3M Ethylene Oxide Monitor uses the proven scientific principle of diffusion, which is the gradual mixing of molecules of two or more substances. It is designed for sampling personnel or work areas in the pharmaceutical, health care and chemical industries. Analysis procedure is available upon request, contact your local 3M agent.

The monitor utilizes brominated carbon to collect and convert the reactive ethylene oxide to a more stable chemical derivative called 2-bromoethanol. This compound is then desorbed with methylene chloride in methanol. It meets OSHA's requirement for accuracy within -25% for 8 hour samplings at 1 ppm and the requirement for accuracy within -35% for 8 hour samplings at the 0.5 ppm action limit. 18 month shelf life.


  • Simple and convenient.
  • No batteries, hoses or pumps to operate.
  • Easy to use. Just clip the monitor to shirt lapel, collar, or pocket.

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