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3M Comply (SteriGage) Steam Sterilisation Integrators

3M Comply (SteriGage) Steam Sterilisation Integrators

Class 5 with "Moving Front" Technology. A single-use device that indicates whether materials within the pack have been exposed to the conditions necessary for sterilisation. Integrates the variables of: time, temperature and steam. Can be used in vacuum, gravity and flash sterilising cycles.The "Moving Front" technology enables "Accept/Reject" readout for instant results, without interpretation. Convenient small size for all packs and optional extenders available for easy retrieval from inner packs.

Pack Monitoring (Internal Chemical Indicators) - The use of chemical indicators for internal monitoring of packs, trays, containers and peel pouches. 3M's wide range of chemical indicators immediately identify if the conditions for sterilisation have been met on a pack-by-pack basis.