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Projet 101 Electronic Ear Irrigation System

Projet 101 Electronic Ear Irrigation System

The New project 101 ear irrigator has been designed with a busy surgery in mind, including fantastic features such as: Extra long mains lead and handle hose enabling the machine to sit where it is most convenient Ultra thin atraumatic tips helping visualisation and direction of the water flow A digital control of water pressure and flow making this machine easy to operate and creating and consistency in ear irrigation On board tip and/or instrument storage Oversize water reservoir silicone washer to reduce any risk of a leak The machine works very quietly creating more comfort for the patient Water pressure indicator Temporary stop button

Projet 101 Professional Ear Irrigator

The Guardian Projet 101 utilises the most modern production methods and is designed to fulfil the demanding requirements of surgeries and hospitals.

Features Include

  • Control button for power and water pressure
  • Water pressure indicator
  • Button for temporary stop

    What's included in the kit:
  • Irrigator machine
  • Water dispensing handle
  • Water resorvoir
  • 10 ear irrigation tips
  • Tip/instrument storage
  • Mains power cable with plug
  • Foot switch

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