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Umbilical Cord Clamps

Umbilical Cord Clamps Blue

The Parker Umbilical Clamp is designed to clamp the umbilical cord of newly born babies immediately after birth, preventing loss of blood as the cord dries beneath it. The Dual Gripping surface allows it to be easily placed with one hand, even if gloves are slippery.


  • Locking Click indicates correct locking and protects accidental re-opening after clamping
  • Finger Grip facilitates convenient handling and safe locking of the clamp cord
  • Special Hinge Design helps ensure that the cord is correctly placed within the clamp
  • Interlocking Teeth holds the cord securely to prevent slipping off the umbilical cord
  • Dual Gripping Surface prevents slipping during application to maintain tight seal and applies constant pressure on any size cord as the cord shrinks
  • Accommodates all sizes of umbilical cords
  • Made of Medical-grade high quality plastic
  • EtO Gas Sterile and individually packed
  • Single-use only