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Tautmann Stackable Wheel Chair

Tautmann Stackable Wheel Chair

Innovative quality of TAUTMANN Space Saver SW stem from a deep confluence of elegance and functionality. No matter how big or small, or how luxury or plain your environment is, Space Saver suits there perfectly. Besides, its ergonomic seating and softness of polyurethane offers comfort for the person who is transferred.


  • 60% Space saving thanks to its stackable impressive design
  • Stainless steel with special surface treatment
  • Elegant look thanks to the usage of chrome-nickel mixture
  • Movable arm, movable footrest, ergonomic seat and back sections to provide maximum comfort
  • Seat belt (optional) and patented hand-brake system for absolute safety
  • No-power requiring, easy and convenient drive for fast delivery thanks to 360° rotating wheels around itself