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SureGard Universal Respiratory Filter

SureGard Universal Respiratory Filter


General System Compatibility

Direct fit MedGraphics, MicroMedical, MIR Spiro Lab, MIR Spiro Doc, MIR SpiroBank, MIR MiniSpir, peak flow meters, Viasys, SensorMedics, Jeager & QRS SpiroCard

External Diameter(right): Slight Taper from 33mm to 32mm

Internal Diameter(right): 29mm

External Diameter (left): 28.5mm

Internal Diameter (left): 25mm

Features: 99.9999% Bacterial/Viral efficiency at realistic flow rates which removes all pollutants down to 0.027 micron. HyperGard Electrostatic media. Inline Deadspace 50mls. Easy to recognise color coding for multiple machine laboratories which reduces accidental wastage.

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