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SureGard Lung Function or Pulmonary Function Filter

SureGard Peak Flow & Respiratory Filter


SureGard is the ONLY respiratory filter in the world manufactured using inert, latex free polypropylene. It can be safely incinerated. All other filters are made from polystyrene which can only be disposed of as landfill because they are toxic to the environment when disposed of through preferred infection control methods of
contaminated items.

Uniquely designed sealing mechanism that holds the media in place. Was specifically designed by our engineering team to create the strongest seal with a 100% guarantee. Other methods may fail.

General System Compatibility:

Direct fit Ganshorn Systems, Viasys, SensorMedics, Jeager & QRS

External Diameter (machine end): Slight taper from 33mm to 32mm

Internal Diameter (machine end): 29mm

Features: 99.9999% Bacterial/Viral efficiency at realistic flow rates which removes all pollutants down to 0.027 micron. HyperGard Electrostatic media. Inline Deadspace 50mls. Patented unique Mouthpiece for better patient compliance. Easy to recognise color coding for multiple machine laboratories which reduces accidental wastage.

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