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Spirit Deluxe Cardiology Stethoscope

Spirit CK-747CPCardiology Stethoscope Black Editition

The Spirit CK-747CPCardiology Stethoscope Black Edition is a premium cardiology stethoscope with a stainless steel adult and paediatric dual head chest piece.The"SuperflexTM" binaural tubing is latex free anddesigned with superior flexibility making it resistant to cracking and extra long lasting and durable.

Comes with diaphragm assembly and colour coordinated plastic retaining and non chill rings. Plus 2 sets of spare ear tips, designed to be soft and comfortable.


  • Outstanding performance and value for money
  • Complete stethoscope with all accessories
  • Ultra acoustic sensitivity - cardiology level quality
  • Easy to clean and maintain stainless steelchest piece
  • Advanced light binaural tubing assembly
  • Ear tips: comes with 2 spare sets - designed to be soft and comfortable
  • Classic stethoscope name tag included
  • Latex free
  • Tubing length: 69cm
  • 5 year warranty