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Spencer R-Aid Pro Multi-Purpose Emergency Backpack

Spencer R-Aid Pro Multi-Purpose Emergency Backpack

R-aid Pro is a multi-purpose emergency backpack; extremely spacy and versatile, indicated for general emergency services. Developed in height, it can hold five different coloured pouches containing various emergency equipment easy to place with self-adherent strips strips. The fixing system permits removal of any pouch from any position without interfering with the others.

R-aid Pro includes also another two bags, removable by a zipper. The first is a small pouch on the top of the central part and the second a small but capacious backpack, attached to the front part. Both these two bags are attached with zips. On the outside there are three pockets, two side ones and one in the back of the bag. Anatomical back, adjustable and padded shoulder straps. Made in high resistant Cordura fabricwith reflective strips to improve visibility.

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