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Spencer 110 Folding Pole Emergency Stretcher

Spencer 110 Folding Pole Emergency Stretcher

This widthwise folding stretcher is used by the armed forces and in sporting fields; installation is very quick.

The aluminium structure is characterised by its lightness and robustness. In order to guarantee stability on uneven surfaces, the feet are made of thermally treated aluminium. The aluminium frame is connected to stainless steel spacers, to make the complete structure of the 100 Series completely rust proof.

Even on high loads, the stainless steel joints support the patient's weight longitudinally, avoiding problematic flexion. The 600 D nylon sheet, covered with vinyl SPEN-TEX is impermeable, fire-resistant, high frequency welded, easy to wash and sanitise.

Weight: 5.5 kg

Load capacity: 170 kg

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