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Smith & Nephew Ichthopaste Zinc Paste Bandage

Smith & Nephew Ichthopaste Zinc Paste Bandage

Designed for the wet ulcer that is surrounded by an area of sensitive skin, Ichthopaste zinc paste bandages, contain Ichthammol which soothes the skin and helps ulcers to heal. Ichthopaste bandages should always be combined with an appropriate compression bandage.

Features and Benefits:

Impregnated with zinc oxide and Ichthammol paste

  • It contains Ichthammol which soothes the skin and helps the ulcer heal
  • Comfortable and soothing

Open weave bandage

  • The bandages are simple to apply and easy to remove (soft and pliable after application)
  • Trauma-free dressing changes
  • Will not dry out
  • May be worn for 7 days.

Individually wrapped

  • Easy identification
  • Easy storage.

Contraindications and Precautions:

  • Where venous insufficiency exists, Ichthopaste may be used under graduated compression bandaging, after first assessing the patient to exclude arterial disease.The use of Doppler ultrasound is recommended for this purpose.
  • Compression bandaging should not be used on patients who have arterial disease (ABPI<0.8) and is not recommended for use on diabetic patients with advanced small vessel disease.
  • Failure to detect reduced arterial flow can result in pressure necrosis, amputation, or even death. The risk of a patient having arterial as well as venous disease rises with age.
  • Ichthopaste should not be used in known cases of sensitivity or allergy to any of the ingredients. The skin of leg ulcer patients is easily sensitised to topical medicaments, including preservatives. Sensitisation should be suspected in patients particularly where there is deterioration of the surrounding skin. Such patients should be referred for a medical opinion.
  • One of the functions of occlusive bandages is to increase absorption. Care should be taken, therefore, if it is decided to apply topical steroid, anaesthetic or retinoid preparations under the bandage, as their absorption may be significantly increased. This may lead to a shorter duration of effect of a topical anaesthetic product in addition to increasing the risk of sensitisation to these preparations.

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