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Smith & Nephew CoolFAST Tubular Retention Bandage

Smith & Nephew CoolFAST Tubular Retention Bandage

CoolFAST is a tubular retention bandage ideal to use when needing to secure dressings. CoolFAST can also be used to provide protection over creams or ointments used for dermatological purposes, such as eczema or wet wrapping. CoolFAST contains cotton as well as viscose, ensuring wicking of perspiration away from the skin, helping to keep the patient cool.


  • CoolFAST has mild elastic properties provided by fine elastic threads incorporated into the fabric
  • Excellent stretch and contraction properties ensure that dressings are held securely in place
  • CoolFAST maintains its elasticity over a long period due to its unique knit structure

Product range:

Red - 3.5cm x 10m (Child hands and arms)

Green - 5cm x 10m (Child legs and adult arms)

Blue - 7.5cm x 10m (Adult arms, lower legs, knees and small thighs)

Yellow - 11cm x 10m (Adult knees and thighs)