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Sentry STERIFIT 2 Sterilisation Wrap

Sentry STERIFIT 2 Sterilisation Wrap

STERIFIT2 sterilisation Wraps dual layer provides the ease of double-layered wrapping in one , saving time and cost. They are developed with the latest SMS bonding technology, it creates a more reliable and effective sterile barrier. They are suitable for steam, ethylene oxide, and plasma sterilisation processes. Contrasting colouring allows for easy detection of strike through.

Suitable For:

  • Light to medium trays
  • Linen packs
  • Basin sets
  • Medium medical devices and instruments

Product Features:

  • Effective sterile barrier
  • High resistance to tearing and abrasion
  • Highly drapeable
  • Dual colour for easy detection
  • Low linting

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