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Riester Ri-Scope F.O. Nasal Speculum Head 3.5 V

Riester Ri-Scope F.O. Nasal Speculum Head 3.5 V

  • Designed for use with the Ri-former; Diagnostic System
  • Anti-theft feature option
  • Removable swivelling lens with 2.5x magnification

This is the Ri-scope® L Nasal Speculum Head that is designed for use with the Ri-former® Diagnostic Wall System with anti-theft device option. It has a high quality fiber optic light-wave conductor for optimal transmission and beaming of light. It provides an exam light that is similar to day light.

The Nasal Speculum Head features a removable swivelling lens with 2.5x magnification. For a slow expansion of the speculum the screw adjuster can be turned, and for a quicker expansion the screw adjuster is pressed down. The head has a bayonet fitting for secure and quick attachment of the handle. It has an impact-resistant casing which is made of fiber-glass reinforced plastic. Bulbs can be replaced simply at the base of the instrument.

The Ri-scope® L Nasal Speculum Head is made in Germany.

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