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Rappaport Stethoscope Mark 1

Rappaport Stethoscope Mark 1

The Rappaport Stethoscope Mark 1is a great entry level stethoscope option, ideal for nursing and medical assistants.

The orange colour may be a brown-orange colour and is priced accordingly cheaper since the colour is not consistent across the batches.


  • 22" PVC double tubing - to improve stereo separation
  • Chrome plated brass binaurals that are up to 1" longer than competitive brands
  • Parallel tubing connectors reduce sound conduction loss
  • High level of workmanship and quality


  • Chest piece with large and small diaphragm x1 pcs
  • Binaurals, chrome plated with clear medium size ear tips x1 pair
  • Heavy wall tubing with metal clip x1 pair
  • Spare ear tips, large and small size x2 pairs
  • Spare transparent plastic diaphragms, large & small x2 pcs
  • Plastic container for accessories x1 pcs