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Professional Snake Sexing Probe Set 9PC

Professional snake sexing probes with tapered shafts are used for determining the sex of snakes. All probes are manufactured in highly polished stainless steel and are ultra smooth with 6 ball ended probes and 3 micro-probes which are supplied in their own zip-up carrying case. The tapered shafts on the 6 larger probes provide for a deeper probing depth area. Probing snakes is an accurate but delicate and skilled task that should only be undertaken after suitable training by someone who is experienced, skilled and proficient in determining the sex of snakes with probes. Unskilled and incorrect use of probes and the probing technique can cause painful and harmful injury to your snake.

Key Features

• 9 Piece Professional Probe Set

• Supplied In Their Own Zip Up Carry Case

• Highly Polished Stainless Steel

Available in two colours: Black Lining and Red Lining

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