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Orange Advanced Nursing Utility Kit

Orange Advanced Nursing Utility Kit

This advanced nursing utility kit builds upon the basic utility kit but with more inclusions and even better value for money. The products contained within this kit are high quality and designed for performance and reliability, while still being vibrant and fun. Choose from a range of colours to suit your unique personality and style.


  • Nursing Pocket
  • Pupil Gauge Penlight
  • The original nurses FOB watch from Medshop
  • Titanium Scissors - Stay sharper for longer
  • Titanium Artery forceps
  • Soft plastic badge holders portrait and landscape
  • Betty Boop Single Sided ID Tag
  • Qlicksmart Snapit Lite reuseable plastic ampoule opener
  • CPR Face Shield
  • Spirit Bandage and Utility Scissors 15cm
  • Medshop 3 colour pen

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