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Nutritional Scale and Bathroom Scale Set

Nutritional Scale and Bathroom Scale Set

This Medshop exclusive package deal provides you with the tools to stay on track with your health and nutritional goals.

Nutritional Scale:

Slim design touch screen glass top kitchen scales with built in nutritional values for over 500 food items including calories, kilojoules, carbohydrates, bread, fats, saturated fats, proteins, cholesterol and sodium. This scale has a 5000 gram capacity with 1 gram increments and can be used as a weighing scale or diet scale to calculate nutritional values of more than 500 common food ingredients. The memory function can be used to add up and recall all the food values for daily or weekly analysis.


  • Capacity - 5000g or 11lbs 0.4oz
  • Graduation - 1g or 0.1oz
  • Minimum display 2g
  • Tare function to set scale at zero when adding container or added items
  • Memory for daily or weekly analysis
  • Programmed with nutritional data of over 500 food items
  • Auto shut down after 3 minutes of non use
  • Overload indicator
  • Low battery warning
  • Memory overflow indication
  • Glass top weighing platform - 165 x 230 x 24mm
  • Power 2 x AA batteries (not supplied)
  • 12 month Australian warranty

Touch Key Bathroom Scale:

This scale has an elegant glass top design, with splash proof weighing platform. This digital scale takes state of the art weighing technology to a higher level with four load sensors situated at each corner of the scale platform to provide the utmost accuracy. The Multipoint digital touch button bathroom scale provides precision weighing, elegant style all at a very affordable price. The scale can be used in the traditional manner to display just weight readings or using the BIA technology the model can give advanced body composition data.


  • Designed to be a low profile digital bathroom scale with touch key technology
  • Elegant minimalist glass design
  • Feature packed - composition analysis
  • Quality construction
  • Simply tap on the platform to activate the scale
  • Display : LCD Display
  • BIA Technology : Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis for body fat and body water measurements
  • User Memories : 12 user memories
  • Weighing Modes : Kg, lb
  • Capacity : 180kg, 400lb
  • Increments : 100g, 0.2lb
  • Body Fat Graduation : 0.1%
  • Body Water Graduation : 0.1%
  • Auto-Off feature : battery saving
  • Power : 2 x CR2032 batteries
  • Strain Gauge Technology : Precision gauges for weight measurement
  • Owners manual : Included
  • International Standards : CE Mark
  • Warranty : 12 month Australian warranty
  • Warning: Not recommended to be used while pregnant. This unit may interfere with the operation of a pacemaker