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MyWeigh 3 Beam Scale Triple Beam Balance 2610g x 0.1g

My Weigh Triple Beam Scale 2610g x 0.1g

The My Weigh 3 Beam Balance is a classic triple beam with a capacity of 2610 grams and readability of 0.1 grams. It comes complete with upgrade attachment weights.

The My Weigh Triple Beam costs 35% less the the competition AND the My Weigh comes complete with the upgraded attachment weights for free (Ohaus charges $30 extra for them) and the My Weigh has a longer warranty.

For Home, School, Lapidary, or birds, The My Weigh Triple Beam Balance is the best instrument for the job!


  • Attachment Mass Set standard, normal capacity to 2610g
  • Hardened steel knife edges and self-aligning agate bearings
  • Many years of precision and reproducibility
  • Magnetic Damping mechanism for quick results
  • Spring loaded zero adjust, easy to use, stays in set position
  • Durable cast metal base wonâ€t easily tip over with rod hole for demonstrations
  • Deep notched beams ensure correct poise position for accurate, consistent readings
  • Versatile enough to suit any application


  • Capacity - 2610g (2.6kg / 5.8lb)
  • Accuracy/Readability - /- 0.1g
  • Accessories - Stainless steel platform (included), Upgrade attachment weights (included)
  • Tray/Platform Size - 6" Round (15cm)
  • Dimensions - 18" x 6" (20cm x 20cm)
  • Max Overload - 300% of Capacity
  • Warranty - 30 year worldwide warranty

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