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Mercury Desk Sphygmomanometer - Light Grey

Mercury Desk Sphygmomanometer - Light Grey

The Mercury Desk Sphygmomanometer is a desk model in a metal case. Extremely precise, constantly improved and with impressively features. The 99.99% mercury purity guarantees maximum measuring accuracy.

Please note: Not recommended for personal use due to the need for a stethoscope or alternative pulse measurement to be taken manually while operating the sphygmomanometer.

  • Maximum error tolerance of /- 3 mmHg Precision glass column.
  • Internal diameter 4.2 mm /- 0.2 mm
  • Latex bulb with chromium plated air release valve
  • Precision air release valve, wear-free and with fine regulation
  • Microfilter for long life
  • Nickel plated metal parts
  • Cuff with two-tube latex bladder
  • Easily legible metal scale up to 300 mmHg
  • Mercury lock
  • Special seal against mercury contamination
  • Unbreakable long-life metal case
  • Large compartment for cuff bulb
  • Cleaning device for glass column

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