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Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder Tungsten Carbide Jaws

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Made with High-Grade Germany Stainless Steel. Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder is a ratcheted, finger ring instrument available in a wide range of lengths, and used in multiple types of surgical procedures. Due to its versatility, it is one of the most commonly used surgical tools for animal procedures. Shorter length products may be used in small animal procedures. Larger lengths of this product may be used for deep tissue suturing in large animal procedures. The Mayo-Hegar needle holder is commonly used with larger, heavier suture needles because of it's wide jaws - Tungsten Carbide Jaws.

Available in sizes: 13.3cm, 15.3cm, 17.8cm, 20.3cm, 26.7cm or 30.5cm

This product is intended for use in the Veterinary market only.