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LIFEPAK CR2 Fully-Automatic Cellular (3G) Defibrillator

LIFEPAK CR2 Fully-Automatic Cellular (3G) Defibrillator

  • Access to LIFELINKcentral™ Physio Control’s online AED management program
  • Regular self-monitoring and notification of any alerts which may require attention
  • Allows remote AED program management if required
  • Sends patient data to emergency responders and hospitals
  • Paediatric Switch
  • Bilingual feature
  • IP55 rating
  • Built-in 3G function, a beneficial factor for devices on-the-go

Combining new technology with classic LIFEPAK functions, the Physio Control LIFEPAK CR2 is the latest in AED innovation, helping responders deliver life-saving care quicker than ever before.

The Lifepak CR2 is available in both semi and fully automatic configurations. The semi-automatic device will require the first responder to actively deliver the shock to the patient by pressing a button, whereas fully automatic devices will deliver the shock without any prompts, only if a shock is needed.

To guide rescuers through the rescue process in any environment, the Lifepak CR2 is equipped with ClearVoice™ technology which adapts the audio rescue prompts to the surrounding environments noise, ensuring you never miss a step. It is also equipped with cpr INSIGHT™ technology which analyses the patient's heart rhythm whilst CPR is being delivered, minimising the hands-off time.

Whereas other defibrillators require you to physically change the electrode pads attached to paediatric pads so the device can be used on a child, the Lifepak CR2 boasts a paediatric switch which, if pressed, lowers the Joule output to a safer level so the device can be used to treat a child who has suffered a cardiac arrest. This simple feature helps to save vital time in an emergency.

The development of LIFELINKcentral™ makes defibrillator maintenance simple, notifying you when your device's accessories are due to expire, 30, 60 and 90 days prior to their expiry date, allowing you plenty of time to restock. This software will also alert you if your device requires attention if your device were to fail its daily, weekly or monthly self-test. Ensuring your device is in perfect working condition at all times.

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