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Laryngeal Tube LTS-D Adult Size 3 Pack/1

Laryngeal Tube LTS-D Adult

Supplier Part Number : 32-06-103-1

Size 3, Adult with height <155cm. Drain tube 18Fr

The new Laryngeal Tube also stands out for its unique high volume, low pressure cuffs. The extremely thin wall is atraumatic to the pharyngeal mucosa, and seals the hypopharynx reliably at low cuff pressures. Soft material and rounded edges additionally enhance patient comfort and safety.

The LTS-D is designed to be easy to use with minimal training. The colour coded system has proven invaluable in emergencies as the syringe indicates the recommended maximum inflation volume. The Laryngeal Tube allows correct ventilation - even in situations with limited space.

The LTS-D is free from latex and phthalates, it is supplied sterile and for single use.

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