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Laerdal V-VAC Manual Suction Unit

Laerdal V-VAC Manual Suction Unit 985000

The V-VAC Manual Suction Unit is lightweight, weighing less than 0,3 kgs, and easily portable. It is small enough to fit in EMS bags, or first aid kits, and is ready to go when you are. As soon as you squeeze it, the Manual Suction Unit provides a powerful suction range between 170-380 mmHg and 70L per minute (LPM).

The V-VACs suction tip has been made to prevent tube occlusions (No clog Suction tip) and is made of extra soft plastic to avoid soft tissue damage. The disposable one-piece cartridge eliminates the need to clean contaminated parts, and the adjustable handle is easy to clean, so that it is ready the next time you need it.

To clean:

  • Reusable handle
  • Throughly clean handle after each use by scrubbing in warm soapy waterRinse and dry
  • Single use Disposable cartridge (canister)All parts except the handle is designed for single use only
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