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Interacoustics Portable Screening Audiometer - AS608E

Interacoustics Screening Audiometer - AS608e

The AS608e portable audiometer is ideal for schools, industry and primary medical practices or wherever quick hearing screening evaluations are performed. Easy to use, it requires minimal training prior to use and offers calibrated pure tone and warble tone stimuli over a wide range of frequencies.


The AS608e includes a dedicated, lightweight carrying bag with shoulder strap that will accommodate the AS608e, headset, and audiogram charts.

Batteries or power supply

The AS608e will operate with 3 standard AA batteries or a medically approved external power supply. Typical battery life is six months.


  • Robust construction
  • 11 frequencies from 125Hz to 8kHz
  • Customize frequency test selections
  • Output levels from -10dB to 100dBHL
  • Pure tone, warble tone and pulsed tone
  • Silent stimulus switch
  • Battery status indicator
  • Carrying bag
  • Noise reducing headset (included with AS608e)
  • Talk Forward (only AS608e)
  • PC-integration (only AS608e)
  • Hughson Westlake automatic pure tone test procedure (only AS608e)
  • 24 month warranty

Auto Threshold & PC-Integration

PC-integration (AS608e only)

The AS608e offers PC-integration through a USB cable using the Diagnostic Suite Windows software for transferring audiometric data to the PC.

The diagnostic suite offers features such as:

  • Print Wizard
  • Advanced report page
  • Session handling
  • Database storage: OtoAccess and Noah compatible

Auto Threshold (AS608e only)

The AS608e includes the Hughson Westlake automatic pure tone test procedure. When the test is completed the results are easily recalled from the internal memory of the AS608e and displayed in the Diagnostic Suite PC software.

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