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Interacoustics MT10 Screening Tympanometer

Screening Tympanometer - Middle Ear Analyzer

Interacoustics MT10

Objective Analysis
The MT10 automatic impedance audiometer is fast and easy to operate and provides objective measures that cannot be obtained by otoscopy alone.

Easy and Fast
Results can be obtained quickly and easily with no response required from the patient. This is especially beneficial when dealing with difficult-to-test patients or small children.

Clinical Application
The MT10 is also well suited for clinical use as tympanograms and reflex responses are all recorded with great detail. The MT10 is therefore a competent tool for detecting the following conditions: otitis media, perforated eardrum, clogged up tympanostomy tube, ossicular disruption, eustachian tube malfunction, tympanosclerosis, cholesteatoma, otosclerosis, certain neurological disorders, post medical treatment fluids, ÓGlueÓ ear.

Extended Tympanometry
The extended tympanometry feature ensures that even a very negative middle-ear pressure is diagnosed correctly. This can help differentiate between reduced eardrum mobility and excessive negative middle-ear pressure.

Acoustic Reflex Test
Four different reflex tests may be performed per ear using either manual or automatic intensity selection. The test is carried out at the correct pressure level and the actual reflex characteristics are displayed on the screen for the operator to view and interpret.

20 Patient Memory
The MT10 can hold test results of up to 20 patients in its memory. This makes it possible to screen a large group of patients and print out the data at a later time.

A screening audiometry feature allows a pre-set dB level for quick evaluations. The operator may store responses and print the results along with tymp data.

Printing and Data Transfer
Results may be printed out on the matching high speed thermal printer (optional). Data may also be transferred to the Interacoustics database program OtoAccess_ for Windows_ and printed together with other patient data. Data transfer to NOAH is also possible.

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