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ICS PACIFIC Pharma 1000GD MEDICAL Vaccine Fridge

ICS PACIFIC Pharma 1000GD 145 L Capacity Vaccine Fridge

Professionally designed and manufactured in Denmark to ICS PACIFIC specifications to exceed Australian requirements.

The ICS Pacific Pharma 1000GD Medical Vaccine Fridge combines advanced technology with intelligent design. Unlike many vaccine fridges where all of the walls, especially the back wall and bottom must be kept clear to allow the inside air to circulate to prevent vaccines from freezing. This is NOT the case with ICS PACIFIC vaccine fridges which are manufactured to strict regulations specifically for vaccine storage.

The ICS PACIFIC vaccine refrigerators are fully compliant with Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) Cold chain standards. These fridges are made to run within the correct temperature range of 2 - 8 degrees @ 32 degrees ambient 60% humidity for the safe storage of Vaccines.

The ultra-quiet 35 decibel sound level that the 1000GD emits, means this vaccine fridge can be placed beside a desk and not interrupt or bother anyone working there.

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