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Ear Toilet Package Medicare Rebate 41647

Ear Toilet Package Medicare Rebate 41647

Ear Toilet Pack- Microscope/Suction Unit/Cannula/Gruber has a precise structure, modern appearance and LED illumination system.

  • Alltion Operation Microscope with straight binocular YSX-101 LED
  • Tongye Suction Unit (low pressure)
  • Suction tubes
  • Suction Controllers
  • Ear Speculum Gruber Set Of 4
  • Clear Ear Remover
  • Dimensions 800mm x 800mm 800mm - Weight 50kgs
  • Can be used for Medicare Item Number 41647

Offers excellent parfocal, large field view and clear and three dimensional images. The lenses in the microscope are made of multi-coated and anti-reflective glasses offering superior optical performance. The YSX series of operation microscopes are integrated with optional working distance and magnification that are ideal for multiple departments such as opthamology, gynaecology, stomatology, ENT and surgery. Suction and accessories include tongye suction unit, ear speculum gruber, suction controller and micro ear suction cannula.

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