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Dosage Calculations Made Incredibly Easy ANZ Edition

Made Incredibly Easy Dosage Calculations, ANZ Edition

Supplier Product Number : 9781920994532

Packed with valuable information, this reference helps you put two and two together! It gives you:

  • All the basics on fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions and measurement systems
  • Key information on parenteral, oral and rectal drug administration
  • Essential information on documentation and what constitutes a legal prescription
  • Specific chapters on preventing drug errors, and considerations for paediatric, obstetric and critical care patients

Fabulous features!

Five-star features help you to review your skills by highlighting important information and key concepts:

  • Before you give that drug! contains urgent advice on how to avoid dangerous drug errors
  • Advice from the expertsprovides pointers on how to maintain dosage accuracy
  • For maths phobics only gives helpful hints, tips and illustrations to help you overcome ‘I hate maths’ hurdles
  • Memory joggersand Quick Quizzes simplify concepts and reinforce learning

Adapted from the popular Made Incredibly Easy! series this text includes relevant language, references, legislation and measurements for the Australian New Zealand marketplace.

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