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Cominox LCD 24S Dynamica Sterilclave Steriliser

Cominox LCD 24S Dynamica Stericlave Steriliser

Cominox 24 Litre S Class Dynamica Stericlave Steriliser

Intelligent Steriliser- The Cominox 24S Dynamica cleverly manages much of it's own high technology, leaving you to just load the trays, close the foor and push a buttom.

Easy Steriliser-The Cominox 24S Dynamica LCD display and user interface makes it easy to use, it will tell you exactly what's going on, what's happening next and when it needs a new filter - that means you are not getting frustrated trying to guess what it is up to.

Steriliser Standards - The Cominox 24S Dynamica comes with pre-loaded cycles that meet or exceed both European and Australia's stringent standard requirements.

Convenient Steriliser- The Pre-programmable start means that you can schedule your cycle to start just before you get in each morning - there's no loads sitting overnight after being processed.

Customisable Steriliser - If you have a need for a special cycle that better suits your specific requirements, it's easy for you to set your own parameters.

Further information about the Cominox Steriliser

  • The Cominox Stericlave Steriliser 24S Dynamicacomes with a 12 month full warranty period, this can be optionall extended for a further 12 months.
  • The Cominox Stericlave Steriliser 24S Dynamicacomes with pre-programmed smart cards (SteriCards) that carry all the information you need to make running a cycle as simple as shutting the door and pushing one button.
  • The Cominox Stericlave Steriliser 24S Dynamicahas a national network of fully trained and qualified service agents to support it.
  • The Cominox Stericlave Steriliser 24S Dynamicais suitable for low use clinics. (1-2 cycles a day)
  • The Cominox Stericlave Steriliser 24S Dynamicais a non vacuumed assisted machine with direct waste drain.

The 24S Dynamica Steriliser Difference

  • The Steriliser has a 23.15L Capacity
  • The Steriliser has a tray size of 184 x 382 (mm)
  • The Steriliser comes with 3 trays as standard
  • The steriliser has a maximum capacity of 5 trays

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