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cobas b 101 HbA1C Test Disc

cobas b 101 HbA1C Test Disc

Improve management of diabetes and dyslipidaemia
The cobas b 101 includes tests for glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) and lipids on the same device, thereby addressing a diagnostic need at Point of Care.
Ease of use and convenience:

  • On the spot results in just 3 simple steps
  • Adherent to all relevant standards and methods - ensuring test precision and full compliance to guideline requirements
  • Direct sample application onto a disc from a finger prick of capillary or venous whole blood
  • No need for tubes or pipettes for sample collection or transfer
  • Individual or dual testing option
  • Fast turnaround time - an intuitive 15 minute workflow from patient preparation to result of both HbA1c and Lipid Panel
  • Increased convenience as both colour coded test discs can be stored at room temperature

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