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Clinicart Mobile Equipment Cart Complete

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Clinicart Mobile Equipment Cart Complete

MEN011 is a mobile equipment cart, designed for flexible use by free combinations according to your needs. Light weight design makes the ME series easy to use and work efficiently. The height adjustment of gas lift is easy to operate by step and provides the ergonomic working comfort.


  • Main material:Aluminum pole, cold steel
  • ABS Lift mechanism:Gas spring
  • Height adjustment:420mm (812 ~ 1232 mm from the ground to the work surface)
  • Work table w/ key lock & LED light (Inner dimension: W 483 x D 310 mm)
  • Key board tray (tilt 5~15 degree, 120 degree turning)
  • Mouse tray and home
  • Base dimension: W512 x D511 x H223 mm
  • Caster:4" plastic (2 free, 2 w/brake)