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BBraun Infusomat Space Including Stand

BBraun Infusomat Space Infusion Pump

The BBraun Infusomat Space Infusion Pump is a small, light weight and versatile infusion pump system. Thanks to their minimal design and light weight, Space pumps can be used to configure customided, tailor-made solutions as individual pumps, small therapy units, or a complex infusion system.

The display guarantees brilliant and therefore fast readability, even from a distance, for instance from the foot of the patient's bed. The display of all information is subject to a clear prioritisation of the most important information.

Operators benefit from the simple user interface with intuitive mobile phone like operation. The pump guides the user through the drug and dosages settings and all configurations.

Warranty Details:

24 month counted from the delivery date. Excluded from the guarantee are batteries and repairs of defects that can be attributed to incorrect manipulations, improper use or normal wear. Space Smart Batteries come with 12 month warranty.

Please see specification tab for more details.

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