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The Human Skull Anatomical Chart

The Human Skull Anatomical Chart

Anatomical Chart Company NEUROLOGY Chart

A detailed and informative chart, The Human Skull shows several views of the skull. All illustrations are fully labeled shows:anterior aspect of the skulllateral aspect of the skullbase of skullinner surface of base of skull sagittal section through skullhorizontal section through maxillamandiblecoronal section through anterior skullsuperior and anterior views of the ethmoid boneanterior view of the sphenoid bonelateral wall of left nasal cavitymedial wall of right orbit & maxillary sinus.Made in the USA.Available in the following versions : · 20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners ISBN 9781587791673 · 20" x 26" heavy paper ISBN 9781587791680

Dimentions - 20 x 26