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Hand and Wrist Anatomical Chart

Hand and Wrist Anatomical Chart

TheHand and Wristchart is one of our best selling charts, perfect for learning and explaining the features seen in the hand and wrist. The large central illustration shows a dorsal and palmar view of the muscle and tendon anatomy of a normal hand and wrist.
Smaller illustrations show the following details:
  • dorsal view of the bones of the hand and wrist
  • palmar view of the carpal bones
  • extension and flexion of the finger
  • range of movement of the thumb
  • labeled cross-section detail of the wrist

Common injuries and problems are also illustrated and explained:
carpal tunnel syndrome
tendon avulsion injuries
various types of fractures: Colles' fracture, Bennett's fracture, Smith's fracture and Boxer's fracture

Made in the USA.