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Blueprint for Health Your Ears Chart

Blueprint for Health Your Ears Chart

The Blueprint for Healthseries of charts illustrated by Kate Sweeney are designed to make human anatomy come alive for kids. Colourful, clear pictures help to explain concepts. Examples and activities make learning and understanding fun and easy.

Your Ears(from the Blueprint for Health charts series) is an excellent tool for teaching paediatric patients about their ears, hearing, and balance. Colourful, anatomically correct illustrations and bright, bold figures show the inside of the ear and how it relates to balance, demonstrate how you hear, and provide a "portrait of a sound." The chart describes ear problems and loudness and answers questions such as "Why do your ears pop?" and "What are the spins?" It includes fun facts ("Sounds travel 4 times faster in water than in air!") and fun projects for the home or classroom to show how the ears and hearing work.

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