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Blueprint for Health Your Brain and Nerves Chart

Blueprint for Health Your Brain and Nerves Chart

The Blueprint for Healthseries of charts illustrated by Kate Sweeney are designed to make human anatomy come alive for kids. Colourful, clear pictures help to explain concepts. Examples and activities make learning and understanding fun and easy.

Your Brain and Nerves(from the Blueprint for Health charts series) describes and illustrates the nervous system, nerve cells, brain, and spinal cord, making the information fun and easy for school-aged children to understand. It explains automatic and learned reflexes, right brain versus left brain, the funny bone, how to build a better brain, what happens when your foot falls asleep, and how drugs interact with the brain.

The chart includes colourful, anatomically correct illustrations, fun facts ("Your nerves can send signals at more than 200 miles per hour!") and fun things to try in the classroom or at home to show how the brain and nerves work.

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