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AMBU Cath 72 hour closed system Suctioning Tracheostomy FG12/34

Ambu Cath 72 hour closed system Suctioning TracheostomyFG12 34cm

Supplier Part Number : ACT721234

Quantity - Each

Closed endotracheal suctioning can reduce airborne environmental bacterial contamination and subsequently reduce health hazards to the patient.
The Ambu Cath Closed Suction System is a single patient, multiple use design effective in decreasing the infection of lower respiratory tract and can reduce the mortality rate of nosocomial pneumonia. Closed Suction Systems can eliminate the need to disconnect the patient from the ventilator during suctioning and can prevent arterial oxygen desaturation in patients, especially those with cardiovascular and pulmonary disorders.

MDI port available on all Ambu Cath closed system suctioning

  • High quality sheath facilitates the procedure when advancing the catheter
  • Irrigation port to allow flushing of secretions
  • Colour coded control valve to ensure correct sized catheter is used
  • Control valve with lock option for safety
  • 360 degree swivel connector allows flexibility in placement of device
  • Clear catheter markings ensure correct positioning of the catheter
  • Catheters available in paediatric, endotracheal and tracheotomy configurations
  • Latex Free

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