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Airssential Vitalic Perio-TENS Pain Management Device

Airssential Vitalic Perio-TENS Pain Management Device

Transcutaneous (through the skin) Electrical Nerve Stimulation, known as TENS, is a non-invasive therapy used to relieve pain.Unlike strong pain medication, TENStherapydoes not cause nausea, drowsiness or lead to dependence.Side effects of TENS therapy are generallyabsent but mayincludemuscle soreness(from overusing the device) or possibleskinirritation at the site of electrode application, which usually alleviates within 30 minutes of completing a treatment session.

The medical literature confirms the beneficial effect of TENS therapy on relieving acute and chronic pain, soothing fatigue in congested limbs and improving blood circulation in treated areas. The Perio-TENS device can relieve a variety of painful complaints including sciatica, period pain, migraine, nocturnal leg cramps, muscular pain and stiffness due to sport or daily activities.

The Perio-TENS is a powerful but miniature device about the size of a 50 cent coin (excluding electrode pad) which discreetly affixes to the skin at the painful site once connected to an electrode. The design of the Perio-TENS device ensures it can be used under clothing without attracting unwanted attention.

The Perio-TENS will complete a treatment session after 20 minutes of operation and then automatically switch-off. Further treatment cycles can be undertaken as required to alleviate discomfort or pain. With minor care the electrode will provide between 25 to 30 treatments of 20 minutes duration.

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