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Airssential Vitalic Perio T.E.N.S Pads 3 Pack

Airssential Vitalic Perio T.E.N.S Pads 3 Pack

Electrode pads should not be kept on the body longer than 1 hour per treatment. Never remove the electrode pad from the skin if the TENS device is operational.

The length of time an electrode pad can be used depends on its storage, your skin type and the usage time per treatment. Generally, an electrode pad provides 20 to 30 treatments of 20 minute duration.

Replace the electrode pad when it is no longer adhesive, cracks or becomes discoloured.

Cleaning the electrode pad’s gel surface after use prolongs the pad’s adhesion. Moisten the gel with a drop of water and allow it to dry before replacing the electrode pad back onto the protective film.

Electrode pads are for single person use only.

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