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Accu-Chek® Softclix® Lancet Device

Accu-Chek Softclix Lancet Device

Contains x 1 lancing device and x 25 lancets. Additional lancets can be purchased in boxes of 100 or 200.


  • Discreet - Pen-like design
  • Virtually pain free - High-speed precise motion with active needle retraction. Clixmotion technology guides the lancet movement preventing needle oscillation and unnecessary tissue damage.
  • Personalised comfort - 11 depth settings so you can choose the most comfortable setting to suit your skin type.
  • Hygienic and simple - New, unused Accu-Chek lancets are sterile and the device is designed so that the lancet can be discarded without the need to touch it.
  • Suitable for alternate site testing with AST cap
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